Get the 10 Best Sweet Treats from InStyle’s Instagram

Sweets will always have a very special place in our hearts—and stomachs. And one perk of working at InStyle is having the opportunity to taste some of the trendiest and most popular desserts (like doughnuts from Doughnuttery or ice cream sandwiches from Sprinkles). But what's a better time to treat ourselves to a sweet snack today, on National Doughnut Day! Get inspired for your midday snack or full-on dessert..... 


First there were cupcakes, then macarons. Of course both of these “fads” ended up not being fads at all but new food categories in New York with legitimate staying power.    All this just confirms what we many entrepreneurs already know–New York is a city in love with food like no other.  And there is always room for the next great idea.  Enter Doughnuttery.....

Sweet success: Check out four former finance types who switched to making confections  

"They traded their business suits for aprons to work with a different kind of dough.

Several former finance workers have opened sweet shops around the city, beating batter instead of crunching numbers..."

First Look: Flavored Sugars and

Mini Doughnuts at Doughnuttery, NYC

"The bakery business is in Evan Feldman's blood, or at least in the blood of the family he married into. For years, his wife's family ran a bakery, and some of Feldman's fondest memories are of holidays spent pitching in to help manage the........ "

Rings Around the City

Doughnuts in New York City From Carpe Donut NYC to Pies ‘N’ Thighs

"Dough, fried. It is a humble snack, fuel for late-night stakeouts, comfort after a day toiling at the nuclear power plant.

Its pleasures are prehistoric.."

NYC’s 10 Best Doughnuts

"For once, we aren’t talking bagels. We’re talking doughnuts. Piping hot and (hopefully) full of jelly.

So we’ve rounded up our ten favorite doughnut varieties at spots around NYC. Enjoy."