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Doughnuttery catering is a fun, unique and delicious way to enhance your special event, meeting, party or promotion.  We will provide your guests our freshly made mini doughnuts, which are golden brown and crispy on the outside, soft and cake-like on the inside, and coated with one of over 20 unique, homemade sugars or glazes.  Hosts can chose from a variety of topping options and if we don’t offer it, please ask and perhaps we can customize the menu with your ideas, color combinations, themes, etc.  Our sugar flavors and dipping sauces are unique and we offer sweet, savory, and seasonal options.  Consider adding our Hot or Cold Apple Cider to round out your offering.


Your guests will absolutely love Doughnuttery!

Cater your Corporate Events, Weddings, Mitzvahs, Special Celebrations with Doughnuttery!


Doughnut Robot

(ideal for 100+)

Doughnuts are made on the spot using a uniquely designed, semi-automated, doughnut machine that is extremely entertaining to watch. 


Children and adults marvel as rings of doughnut batter are automatically deposited by a hopper into a flowing stream of hot vegetable shortening. 


Rings of dough travel along a hot flowing river as the machine flips the newly formed doughnut to reveal a golden brown crust. 


As the frying process is completed, the doughnut takes another flip out of the machine and into a waiting tray of hot and freshly made doughnuts where they await a coating of one of Doughnuttery’s unique sugar blends. 

Gift Bags & Pizza Boxes

(Great for any number)

Doughnuts can be packaged and served in our fun kraft colored pizza boxes or in small individual bags (paper or cellophane bag options available).  Make a statement at your next meeting or party with mini doughnuts!



– Doughnut Pizza Boxes

– Doughnut Gift Bags

Virtual Doughnut Making Classes are a great way to bring remote teams, groups, and families together!   Perfect for virtual corporate events, birthdays, and more!  All of our private classes are taught by our Founder and Chief Doughnut, Evan Feldman.

For a detailed estimate on any specific event, it’s always best to have a brief chat about your vision as each event is different and we can customize as you see fit.  It’s always helpful to have the date & time, head count (we recommend 3-4 doughnuts per person but that depends on what type of event it is and what other items, if any, are being served). We are always happy to try to work within your budget. Here at Doughnuttery we love to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients, event planners, and caterers.

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